Yacht Purser

About the role of a Yacht Purser

A Yacht Purser is a senior member of crew who, along with the Captain, manages a range of administrative duties onboard. Responsibilities include financial management, HR duties, port clearance, itinerary planning, amongst others.  An experienced industry professional with a strong working knowledge of yachting, can become a successful Yacht Purser regardless of which specific position they have held.

Should have over five years of industry experience and at least two years as a Chief Steward/ess or interior manager.

Should have five years of industry experience and at least two years as a Second Steward/ess.

Should have over five years of industry experience and at least one year as a Captain. 

Should have over five years of industry experience and at least two years as an Officer.

With the correct education and training, there are other positions that may transition successfully to the role of Purser. Candidates should have relevant shoreside experience and/or qualifications which complement the position of Purser.

Yacht Purser Education Overview

Training, Courses, and Certifications

  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques (STCW A-VI/1-1) Valid for five years, requires refresher training
  • STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW A-VI/1-2) Valid for five years, requires refresher training
  • STCW Elementary First Aid (STCW A-VI/1-3)
  • STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (STCW A-VI/1- 4)
  • STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) (STCW A-VI/6-1) or
  • STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD) (STCW A-VI/6-2) Either qualification is acceptable, however if you are expected to take a watch on board regardless of position, it is beneficial to take the more advanced qualification PDSD.
  • The International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI) provides Accredited Yacht Training through the IAMI GUEST Programs (Guidelines for Excellence in Superyacht Training). The IAMI GUEST Programs are the internationally recognised large yacht industry qualifications and assessment standard. They include a number of specifically designed Programs, available in worldwide locations, that support the occupational duties, roles, and responsibilities of onboard yacht crew, from entry to management level.

  • Please be aware that entry prerequisites of prior learning or evidenced experience are required in order to attend the IAMI GUEST Purser Program (along with other courses).

The GUEST Yacht Purser Program: Upon successful completion, students will be able to apply for the IAMI GUEST Yacht Purser CoC.

  • The GUEST Yacht Purser Program has been designed to provide aspiring Yacht Pursers with the knowledge to perform their duties, including Crew Certification & Management, Port Clearances, Maritime Law, Financial Management, etc.
  • The Advanced Leadership (or equivalent) has been designed to develop and support senior crew in the challenges of leading crew, peers, guests, owners, and management.

To obtain the IAMI GUEST Yacht Purser CoC, a minimum of three years of maritime experience is required. To read more about the GUEST Programs and Training – please see our Interior Career Map or visit the GUEST website.

All senior members of the crew will be expected to take on a leading role regarding security duties onboard. Anyone who is involved with security muster duties, must have this qualification.